12,000 Vietnamese people undergo heart surgeries in National Heart Institute

More and more Vietnamese people have unhealthy hearts with 12,000 people undergoing cardiac surgeries every year, said President of the National Heart Institute Associate Doctor Pham Manh Hung said at the institute’s thirtieth founding anniversary on November 8.
Annually, the institute admits more than 20,000 patients with complicated heart diseases. Of whom, over 12,000 inpatients undergo cardiovascular operations yearly; hence, the institute has become one of largest heart center in the Southeast Asian region.
Moreover, the institute has performed numerous advanced techniques including stent placement surgeries, Rheumatic Fever (RF) and Rheumatic Heart Disease, valve replacement surgeries, aortic or pulmonary valve replacement surgeries in the heart.
Moreover, it has transferred techniques to other local medical clinics and other countries.
It deserves to receive medal. Therefore, at the celebration, Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh presented Third-Class Medal and Ho Chi Min President picture to the institute.

By KHANH NGUYEN - Translated by ANH QUAN

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