16-Month-Old Kid to Undergo Liver Transplant

The Ho Chi Minh City Pediatrics Hospital No.2 held a press meeting today to talk about its preparation work for a liver transplant operation tomorrow.

                Baby Trang Hoang Phuc and mom

The patient is 16-month-old Trang Hoang Phuc, who weighs 8.6 kilograms and has the congenital abnormalities in both his bile and liver.
The donor is the baby’s mother Pham Phuong Tuyen.
As in the two previous operations, the operation will be carried out with the help of liver transplant experts from Belgium and some hospitals in the city.
This will be the third liver transplant conducted by the HCMC Pediatrics Hospital No.2 among six transplants carried out for children in the country.
The patient won’t have to pay for the operation.
At the meeting, doctor Tran Dong A, deputy director of the hospital, said the hospital has also just received newly-born conjoined twins weighed 5 kilograms from Ca Mau Province.
They conjoin at the belly, chest, heart membrane and liver, and have a common lung.
The hospital’s doctors are studying and diagnosing the complicated case for a surgery to separate them. 

By Ng. Tr. – Translated by Yen Chuong

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