Alarming rise in Vietnamese stroke patients lately

Lately, medical centers in Ho Chi Minh City have admitted hospitalized cases due to stroke. Physicians said that the disease has no warning signs; however, it leaves serious consequences even high mortality rate, it is a dangerous disease in the modern time.

Dr. Thang is treating a stroke patient (Photo: SGGP)

Dr. Thang is treating a stroke patient (Photo: SGGP)

Hoan My Sai Gon Hospital has just admitted a 23 year old stroke patient due to cerebral infarction. She was taken to the hospital soon right when she had dizziness, vomiting and left climb numbness and facial weakness.
Physicians decided to conduct brain MRI which has shown that the young girl was suffering cerebral infarction; accordingly, she was treated with the clot-busting drug tissue plasminogen activator. Thanks to early hospitalization, the young girl was soon recovering after treatment.
Before, Medicine University Hospital in District 5 had received a 36 year old clerk who was suffering climb numbness and unable to talk though she had been healthy. Doctors diagnosed that she was suffering acute stroke; therefore, they rushed her to the emergency room for treatment immediately. She was recovering later.
Head of the Medicine University Hospital’s Stroke Unit Dr. Nguyen Ba Thang said that around 200,000 Vietnamese people have stroke annually. Elderly people are at risk of the disease; yet, strangely, those under 45 are escalating making up 30 percent of total stroke patients.
Dr. Truong Viet Trung from Hoan My Sai Gon Hospital said that more and more young women are having stroke due to surge of stress, excess intake of dietary sodium , fat, smoking and alcohol consumption. He advised people to have healthy lifestyle and regular exercise to cut stroke risk.
According to chairman of Stroke Association Dr. Nguyen Huy Thang, patients should be taken to medical centers as soon as possible ( usually within 4,5 hours of experiencing stroke symptoms received a powerful clot-busting drug), they will be highly likely to be saved and escape serious consequences.
A survey findings carried out by the People Hospital 115 in HCMC which admits around 1,200 stroke patients a year has shown that just 19.4 percent of stroke patients arrived in the infirmary within golden hours while up to 75.3 percent of them come after six hours. Worse, the Medicine University Hospital said just 8 percent of hospitalization admission ( 100 -200 cases yearly) are taken to the hospital within golden hours.
Critically, the rate of stroke people going to medical centers within golden hours countrywide is lower just 1 percent - 3 percent.
According to Dr. Nguyen Huy Thang, late hospitalization is the culprit of high mortality rate in the country ( 18 percent for male and 23 percent for female ).
Dr. Thang added that though the illness is serious and popular, people can totally reduce its consequences by changing their lifestyle and bad drinking and eating habits as well as taking regular exercise to reduce risk of stroke.
Additionally, patients and their relatives should have knowledge of stroke symptoms to take them to hospitals as soon as possible within gold hours to have timely treatment.


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