An Sinh Hospital Uses Latest Technology to Treat Refractive Disorders

An Sinh hospital's ophthalmologists conduct an eye operation ( photo:T.Phuong)

Visiting ophthalmologists from Germany, India and Singapore have heaped praise on their Vietnamese colleagues at An Sinh Hospital and their success in treating complicated refractive disorders.

To date the hospital’s surgeons have carried out 338 operations on 198 patients using advanced technologies to diagnose and treat complicated refraction of the eye.

It’s no wonder the patients are thrilled with the results. After the operation, all of them without exception can see clearly in full light, and 90 per cent in faint light.

And for the first time, with the help of the Excimer Mel 80 laser, the surgeons can treat patients from other hospitals too.

By Ng.T - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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