Angunguhwanghwan recalled in Vietnam

The Food Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health August 27 issued a decision to recall Angunguhwanghwan and destroy the nutritional supplement made by Korean Mannyon Health Corporation.

According to the National Institute of Drug Quality Control’s test, the nutritional supplement Angunguhwanghwan contains heavy metal that it can lead to poisoning. 

The National Institute of Drug Quality Control August 21 sent a document to the Ministry of Health about its test. In the nutritional supplement Angunguhwanghwan, the content of lead, mercury and arsenic are 0.25 mg per gram, 33.2 mg per gram and 38.9 mg per gram respectively.

The content of these chemicals exceed the allowable rate by thousand times causing harms to consumers.

In addition, Angunguhwanghwan contains toxic herbal medicines that are banned to use according to the Ministry of Health’s index.

Thirty boxes of Angunguhwanghwan was imported into Vietnam in June, 2014 with aiming to introduce the product. Four out of 30 boxes are being tested by health watchdogs.

By Khanh Nguyen - Translated by Anh Quan

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