Baby girl born with two heads in Soc Trang Province

A woman in My Tu District in the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang has given birth to a baby girl with two heads.

The baby has one body but two heads, two hearts, two spinal columns, two legs and one sex organ in previous year (Photo: VNE)

Dr. Hong Thuy Loan at Soc Trang General Hospital said she performed the operation for the birth of a 2.7 kilogram baby to 33-year-old Danh Thi Hoang.

The baby was very weak and badly malnutritioned, born with two heads, two hands, two legs but one heart and one sex organ.

The mother comes from a disadvantaged family, so during her pregnancy she had undergone only one ultrasound scan.

Now the hospital has transferred her case to a central hospital for further treatment.

In the last one year, Soc Trang Province has reported two cases of babies born with two heads. 

One year ago, a baby born with two heads, two spinal columns, two legs and one sex organ  and two hearts had died after ten days of treatment at Children Hospital No.1.

By Yen Thanh - Translated by Nha Tran

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