Bao Phuong Moon cake bakery fined for violating food safety, hygiene

Nguyen Viet Cuong, chief inspector from the Department of Health in Hanoi, yesterday said that inspectors decided to issue a fine to Bao Phuong moon cake bakery at 223 Thuy Khe Street in Tay Ho District in Hanoi for violating food safety and hygiene regulation.

The bakery was fined VND14 million (US$622.8) and suspend operation till the bakery an produce legal business license and food safety certificate.

Mr. Cuong said that after operation suspension, the bakery must apply for business license at the Department of Health and only when it completes all formality and food safety regulation, the Department will issue a certificate.

At present, two samples of cakes of the bakery are being tested at the National Institute for Food Control; if the samples failed to meet food safety and hygiene requirements, the bakery will receive further fine.

Before, the inter-inspection team conducted an unscheduled check at Bao Phuong moon cake bakery where inspectors discovered the bakery has no certificates for food safety and hygiene. Moreover, the bakery owner could not produce document of origin of pork fat and eggs which are used for making moon cake. Additionally, inspectors found that the hygiene condition at the bakery is very poor.

Bao Phuong moon cake is a famous brand name in Hanoi. Every year, on Mid-Autumn Festival, people have to queue for an hour to buy a moon cake box.

By Nguyen Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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