Bird flu kills sixth Egyptian, hits Denmark

A 75-year-old woman from the Upper Egyptian Governorate of Al Minya, over 200 kilometers south of Cairo, who was raising poultry, died on May 19, making her the country's six bird flu in 2006, Egypt's Ministry of Health announced.

The Al Minya University Hospital said, she was suffering from symptoms of the avian influenza virus including high temperature, severe coughing and difficulty breathing when she came to Hospital on May 15.

The anti-viral Tamiflu was administered to the patient as soon as she was admitted to the hospital, but the virus had advanced too far. Samples were taken from family members of the deceased woman and are currently being tested for signs of bird flu.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) said the bird flu was detected among poultry in a backyard holding near the city Kerteminde on Funen, Denmark's second largest island.

The strain was a H5 virus, but tests were pending to determine if the strain was the H5N1 virus strain that is potentially lethal to humans.

It was setting up a 10-kilometre cordon zone that surrounds a three-kilometer no-go zone around the holding. Authorities have also halted poultry exports from Funen.

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