Cho Ray Hospital prepares enough antivenom for treatment of snakebite

The country leading hospital Cho Ray has prepared enough antivenom, medications and medical equipments to treat snakebite poisoning as there is an increase in the number of snake bitten cases in Ho Chi Minh City, said deputy head of the hospital’s  Tropical Disease Department Dr. Le Quoc Hung.

Normally, more people are bitten by snakes in rainy season, especially dendrophis and venomous snakes that usually appear in the season.  Most of snake bite cases are from suburban districts including district 9, 12, Cu Chi, and Hoc Mon.

Every year, the hospital admits from 800 to 1,000 snake bitten cases, mainly from May to August. From early June, Cho Ray Hospital received 111 bitten snake cases.

Dr. Hung advised people to clean the wound with fresh water as a first-aid and soon rush snake bitten victims to nearby medical centers for further treatment.

By Lam Tuong – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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