City follows strict quality control on food products during Tet

With Tet approaching it is imperative to monitor food hygiene and organise a system of quality control at various food processing and business establishments in co-ordination with food inspectors as well as the police.

Ho Chi Minh City Health Department inspectors checked seven jam processing units in districts 11, 6, Tan Binh and Binh Chanh on January 11.

They found the jam processing units were still not up to modern standards. In addition, water, air and soil pollution was also a reason for food contamination.

Though compared to earlier years, the situation has greatly improved. Most units now have business licenses and regularly check the health of their staff and use authentic raw materials.

The inspection team checked many units and warned them to overcome their weaknesses and shortcomings and to constantly monitor the production.

During Tet, the demand for food items increases and therefore the  volume of production rises greatly, making it all the more important to lay high stress on food hygiene and quality standards.

The department aims to strictly follow control measures in granting certificates to food units keeping in account hygiene conditions and workers’ health and even imparting training on food hygiene and food standards to meet optimum levels of quality control and protect consumers.

By T.Dat-Translated by Quoc Thoi

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