Deaths of two pregnant women in Da Nang relate to Bupivacaine

After examining for one month, the scientific council yesterday arrived at conclusion that the serious medical incident in the Women’s Hospital related to Bupivacaine.

Health leader in Da Nang pay visit to Nguyen Thi Huyen (Photo: SGGP)

Health leader in Da Nang pay visit to Nguyen Thi Huyen (Photo: SGGP)

Two pregnant women died, and one was left in a critical condition after receiving injections of anaesthetic for C-sections in the infirmary.
According to the scientific council, all medical workers who participated in the three caesarean sections in the hospital last month have professional medical licenses.
The council also studied the hospital’s reports and patients’ medical records as well as other related information.
However, for the case of pregnant Vo Thi Nhat Sinh, the hospital had failed to diagnose her that the pregnant would suffer worsening condition; according the woman was kept in the hospital after the operation for too long before being rushed to the bigger hospital.
The council concluded on case of Nguyen Thi Huyen that the hospital handled the incident properly and transferred the patient promptly to Da Nang Hospital where she was given treatment for anaesthetic detoxification. As a result, the woman was saved.
Regarding the case of patient Le Huynh Phuong Trieu, the council concluded that the hospital’s medical records did not show the woman’s development as well as specific medical orders given during the emergency procedure.
Worse, the hospital did not report adverse drug reactions (ADR) on the system when the incident occurred.
Therefore, the health authority of Da Nang asked the hospital to learn the lesson from the incident, focus on prognosis and immediately report the incidents as per the Ministry of Health’s regulations.


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