Doctor dies of chicken pox in City hospital

A 52-year-old doctor from the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap has died of chicken pox at the Tropical Disease Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City on January 4.

The doctor suffered complications of pneumonia and bacterial infection while undergoing treated in a private hospital. Later he was transferred to the Tropical Disease Hospital where his condition did not improve.

Another man who is also suffering from the same disease was discharged from the hospital as his condition worsened and doctors gave up hope. The 22-year-old patient was taken to hospital on January 2 with symptoms of chicken pox.

Doctors try to cure him but his condition only worsened and his relatives requested his release, so he could be taken home for his funeral.

Medical experts say that people who develop bacteremia are at risk of developing bacterial pneumonia, meningitis, arthritis, osteomyelitis, sepsis, shock and face subsequent death. The risk of complications is highest in people with compromised immune systems, newborn babies and middle-aged adults.

High dose vaccinations are needed to fight the disease, said experts.

By Q. Chi - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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