Doctors find two female siblings having testicles, one getting testicular cancer

Doctor of a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City found testicles in two female siblings and one of them is getting testicular cancer.

Dr. Tran Trong Tri from Cho Ray Hospital’s Urology Ward said that he was so surprised when he detected testicles in two female patients both and the testicles are located in wrong place. One of them is 44 years old, married.

One of her testicle stays in abdomen and has become malignant tumor and other in her groin.

She has not seen menstruation and doctors discovered a tumor in her abdomen; subsequently she went to the hospital for further examination. She was diagnosed to have one of form bi-sexuality which means having at once the functions of both the ovaries of the female and the testes of the male.

The other female has testicles in her groin.

Surgeons performed operations to remove four testicles from the two patients and then conducted chemo and radiation therapy for the patient suffering testicular cancer.

By Hoang Tuyet – translated by Uyen Phuong

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