Doctors save man who stabbed in heart by himself

Doctors of the General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City’s Thu Duc District yesterday saved a 23 year old man who was stabbed in heart.

The man was hospitalized when half-conscious with pale skin and shocked because of bleeding too much.

Realizing that he was in critical condition doctors decided to perform a cardiotomy to rescue the patient. Surgeons then drained 600 liters of blood occupying both his pleura and pericardium and sutured the wounds for the patient. After the surgery, his condition was stable; accordingly he will stop putting on ventilator and it is expected to discharge from the hospital soon.

Head of the Chest Surgery Ward Dr. Nguyen Kim Anh said that the man was saved thanks to the good cooperation between emergency team and other wards.

The man’s relative said that he stabbed himself after having a quarrel with his wife.

By Tuong Lam - translated by Uyen Phuong

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