Doctors save premature neonates whose heart stops beating

Doctors in the central province of Ha Tinh saved two premature babies whose heart stopped beating, said Deputy Director of the provinces Department of Health cum director of the General Hospital Nguyen Viet Dong on April 4.

Dr. Le Huu Anh guides the mother how to warm premature baby(Photo: SGGP)

Earlier, the General Hospital admitted two pregnant women, 26 year old Hoang Thi Hang and 21 year old Nguyen Thi Hong Mo, who were experiencing serious pain in belly. After examining, doctors said their pregnancy was just 27 weeks old.

The 1 kg boys each suffered from serious respiratory failure due to the premature birth. Moreover, their body turned purple and their heart stopped beating. Soon doctors gave them intensive treatment and transferred them to the Neonate Ward for further treatment.

Head of the Neonate Ward Dr. Le Huu Anh reminded that the two babies were treated intensively. They are now in stable condition and they will be discharged in next time.

Dr. Anh warned hospitals in districts should transfer pregnant women who have signs of premature birth and those who have record of premature birth should go to medical clinics for periodical examination for timely treatment.

By staff writers – translated by Uyen Phuong

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