Enterprises counter against Government inspectors’ argument

Four companies Friday sent a press release to the media, saying that they do not concur with the Government inspectors’ conclusions on Tamiflu case.

Explaining why they had not ordered F. Hoffman La Roche (Roche), general directors of Pymepharco, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical, Imexpharm and Stada Vietnam said none multinational accept to sell their materials to other producers as its products are still in copyright period.

In addition, the four companies had not received any offer from Roche.

Supposing the health ministry had bought Roche's Tamiflu materials at US$12,000 a kilogram, the companies said in theory, each kilogram would produce 10,000 Tamiflu pills with an estimated price of US$1.3 each.

However, the ministry in practical imported Roche’s medicine priced US$2.49 each tablet.

Meanwhile, though the four companies purchased the materials at US$17,500-18,000 a kilogram, they charged the agency only US$1.75 each capsule, lowest price in Asian region at that time,

The four did not sold the materials to the health ministry but 75mg Tamiflu capsules and took responsible for the medicine’s quality.

The material prices were decided by the companies to ensure the products’ quality and safety, according to the companies.

For US$ 2.8 million received back from the Indian partner, Imexpharm, Stada VN and Pymepharco said that when producing Tamiflu tablets, they suffered losses as the material productivity was not high as in the pledge of the Hetero Labs Limited.

Therefore, the supplier subsequently agreed to compensate them. The companies said it has already conducted all tax duties on the indemnity.

For US$3.8 million receiving back, the Cuu Long Company demonstrated the Indian partner had accepted deferred payment, extending the payment time to by the end of 2010.

As a result, the four companies opposed to the Government inspectors’ request to temporarily seize the money, saying it is not reasonable and legal.

Additionally, the inspectors’ proposal to investigate the material purchase prices was illegal.

On the other hand, their suggestion to transfer the case to investigation organs, while they have not proved that the businesses break the law, is not sound.

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By Tuong Lam – Translated by Ngoc Thanh

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