Eye hospital cancels unimportant operation due to lack of materials, drugs

The National Eye Hospital in Hanoi had to cancel some operation due to shortage of material and medication for the surgery, said Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hiep, director fo the hospital.

However, the hospital has still performed emergency cases, said Dr. Hiep. Operations including cataract removal, retina peeling will be delayed as the cancelling of operation will not threaten patients’ lives.

Because of many reasons, the hospital has not carried out bidding the material and medicine of 2015.

This is error of the hospital, said Dr. Hiep; hence, he sent his apology to patients.

To solve the matter, a mission team from the Ministry yesterday arrived in the hospital to liaise with the hospital management board.

After the meeting, the team allowed the hospital to use bidding result of the Eye Hospital Hanoi and Ha Dong. A few next days, the two eye hospitals will share material and medications to the National Eye Hospital to carry out operations.

By Nguyen Quoc - Translated by Anh Quan

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