Fine on smoking in public places

The Ministry of Health is proposing a fine of VND10 million (US$480) on smoking in public places, in a strong effort to curb the menace.


In a draft issued recently, and expected to take effect on May 1, an administrative fine of upto VND10 million will be imposed on smokers puffing on cigarettes in public places.

This is being considered as an effective tool to put a ban on smoking in public places.

Other than this, any violation of health warnings on cigarette packages will be fined VND50 million; smokers in public places will be fined from VND200,000-10 million ($9.5 - $480), and even asked to clean the dropped cigarette ash if ash-tray not used.

Selling cigarettes to people less than 18-years-of-age or hiring minors to sell the product will receive a fine from VND500,000-1,000,000 ($24 - $48).

Any shops not displaying warning against smoking will be fined the same amount. Other such violations will be fined from VND1-40 million ($48-$1,900).

By Khanh Nguyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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