First case of Clarkson’s disease in Vietnam saved

Cho Ray Hospital, a leading hospital in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday announced that they saved a student having rare disease.

Student Nguyen Thanh T in hospital (Photo: SGGP)

20 year old Nguyen Thanh T., a native of the southern province of Binh Duong, was hospitalized when his blood pressure could not be measured, pulse was irregular; his right leg turned blue and there was an increased concentration of red blood cells.

His life was in critical condition.

As per a medical record, he had been treated in the General Hospital of Binh Dung Province before where he was transfused 4 liter of blood yet his blood pressure was not improved.

After examining, doctors of Cho Ray Hospital concluded that the student has Clarkson’s disease, a very rare disease in the world and he was the first case in Vietnam.

Dr. Huynh Quang Dai from the Cho Ray Hospital’s Emergency Room said that after verifying the disease, doctors soon tried to improve his blood pressure by transfusing. Accordingly his blood pressure was increased to110/60 mmHg.

Relatives of the student said that he was running 1 kilometer as an exercise in school. He felt pain on leg muscle; tiredness and vomited. Next day, he perspired, continued feeling fatigue and more pain in leg muscle. He went to a nearby medical clinic yet his bad condition was not abated; therefore he was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital.

According to Dr. Dai said that the disease can recur at any time. Hence, the patient must return to hospital for regular check-up and when having abnormal symptoms, he should to go the hospital immediately.

Dr. Dai said that signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Capillary leak syndrome with monoclonal gammopathy includes leaking capillaries; generalized swelling; low blood albumin level; high level of abnormal proteins in blood; low blood pressure; abdominal pain; increased hematocrit and nausea.

When the disease recur, a patient’s condition will be worse and they easily die. People at all ages can get the disease. Most patients were reported having a runny nose and/or other flu-like symptoms. Patients will develop shock and are at risk of organ; blockage in the arteries and fatal acute lung edema.

As per the world’s health record, during 50 years, only 200 people were reported having the rare disease and this case is the first in Vietnam.

By Tuong Lam, Hoang Tuyet – translated by Uyen Phuong

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