First Soy Sauce Company to Meet Food Safety Standards

Numerous tests on Mekong soy sauce samples showed that the company’s new products have met the current Vietnamese and European standards with levels of 3-MCPD under 0.02mg/Kg.

A clean soy sauce production line in Viet Nam.

After detailed inspections of Mekong’s soy sauce products, the Long An Health Department and the Long An Preventive Health Center reported that the company’s products have met the food safety and hygiene standards and the certificate of quality was also given to the company.

The Mekong Sauce Processing Company is the first among 21 local soy sauce companies to have their products’ quality confirmed by the authorities. This is the result of the company’s adoption of a new technology in soy sauce production.

After the company’s successful application of the new technology provided to them by the HCMC Institute of Technology Development and Training, the Mekong Sauce Processing Company yesterday held a press conference to promote its new soy sauce products. 

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By L.L – Translated by Khanh Hong

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