Food poisoning cases increase because of hot weather

The Poison Control Center of Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi yesterday said that though the North Vietnam just entered the hot weather, the case of food poisoned patients increased.

In the past week, the center receives over 10 patients with poisoning symptoms a day, four and five times higher than in the cold season. Through investigation, most of patients were poisoned because they ate contaminated food which caused by microorganism. Along with this, the center also admits some case of poisoning because chemical residues still maintain in food.

The Ministry of Health showed a statistics that in four months of 2016, the country reported nearly 30 serious food poisoning cases 30 hospitalizing over 1,386 people including two deaths. In April alone, nine food poisoning drove 375 people to hospitals. Accordingly, the Vietnam Administration of Food said that because of scorch, there is a severe lack of fresh water for cooking, processing food and consumers buy much of food without clear indication of origin.

To prevent food poisoning, Dr. Nguyen Trung Nguyen from the Poison Control Center warned that consumers should buy food with clear origin with names of suppliers and address of company. Additionally, people must cook food well and food should be preserved in refrigerator yet just in short time. People should never use spoiled food and food out of date. 

By MINH KHANG - translated by Uyen Phuong

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