Food poisoning found alarming

On Dec 17, at the meeting with media, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Deputy Director of Food Safety Department under the  Ministry of Health said that in Dec 2012, nation wide recorded 164 food poisoning cases with nearly 5,400 people infected, including 33 deaths.


More worrisome, compared with 2011, the food poisoning has tended to increase in terms of the number of cases and deaths.


In which the number of poisoning cases are 23 cases, with nearly 1,000 people and the death toll rose 7 cases.


Since early this year, there have been 164 cases of food poisoning, leaving 33 dead and nearly 5.400 others hospitalized.


According to the Food Hygiene and Safety Department under the Ministry of Health, the figures show a sharp increase over the same period last year.


Most victims claimed to have eaten substandard food at work places or wedding ceremonies, not only at home.


The Department has taken measures to control food imports and sales in the domestic market. In the third quarter of this year, 833 batches of food weighing 12.176 tones were imported into Vietnam, and 54 of them (about 60 tones) failed to meet food hygiene and safety standards.


Deputy Head of the Department, Nguyen Thanh Phong, warned of the alarming rate of food poisoning which he said might increase when people need a huge demand for food for traditional lunar New Year (Tet) celebrations



Soruce SGGPOL, Translated by Dan

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