Food Safety and Hygiene alert in country

The Hanoi-based Bach Mai hospital has reported more than 10 cases of food poisoning within the past week.

Most of the food poison victims are hospitalized because of eating stale and fermented food.

Even though the “Month of Action for Food Safety and Hygiene 2011” has been launched throughout the country, eateries and restaurants have failed to meet the food hygiene and safety requirements. For instance, the Hanoi Department of Health showed statistics that more than 27,000 food-processing businesses and 50,000 eateries were given clearance certificates for food hygiene.

Local administrators in some districts have a lax attitude to the problem. Hence, nearly 10 percent of the districts in Hanoi have not yet implemented issuance of food safety certificates to businesses.

The Ho Chi Minh City Market Management claims there have been 169 cases of hygiene violation during the last week. Amongst the 169 cases, 71 were of illegal transportation of unchecked poultry and cattle into the city. Relevant authorities also destroyed two kilograms of noodles made with borax powder, a banned cleaning agent in cooking.

By staff writers - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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