Foot-And-Mouth Appears to Be Spreading

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) requested that municipal and provincial authorities carry out measures to prevent the foot-and-mouth disease from spreading, including the culling of diseased cattle and pigs.

Local authorities shouldn't let cattle wander to prevent the disease from spreading (Photo:U.Phuong)

Outbreaks of the disease have occurred in nine provinces across Viet Nam and it seems to be spreading, animal health authorities said.

The Ministry also asked the agencies to tighten their surveillance of the cattle industry as well as keeping an eye on the distribution, slaughter and consumption of beef products.

The MARD also called for local authorities to establish veterinary checkpoints to prevent the transport of infected animals to other areas and keep quarantined areas secure. They are also calling for the sterilization of high-risk areas such as slaughterhouses, processing facilities and markets.

Authorities in bordering areas must also bolster inspection activities to prevent smuggling of cattle over the border, imposing stiff penalties on offenders.

Town and provincial authorities also need to draw up a detailed prevention plan with priority given to a vaccination program.

The amount and type of vaccines should be determined so that they can be procured and stockpiled.

By V.Ng - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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