Foot-and-mouth disease strikes livestock in central Vietnam

Duc Tho District of the central province of Ha Tinh reported an outbreak of foot-mouth in herds of local cattle on July 25.

Foot-mouth disease has affected multi domestic animals of four houses in Quang Tien Village. These animals suffer high fever, blisters inside the mouth and foot, excessive secretion of stringy or foamy saliva.

An investigation showed that a cow in a herd of cattle of Bui Xuan Tiep in the village had felt in illness six days after being bought from the northern province of Thai  Nguyen. Foot-and-mouth disease virus was transmitted to animals of the next houses.

Local authority disinfected the environment in farms and issued warning that this is infected foot-and-mouth disease. Health watchdog acted quickly to vaccinate to more than 300 cows in the locality. Control stations were set up to forbid the sale, transportation and slaughter of diseased animals to other areas.


By Duong Quang - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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