Four mobile teams set up for prevention of Zika

As the development of Zika virus and high possibility of its entrance into the country, the Ministry of Health set up four mobile teams in the North, Central, South and Highlands regions to quickly respond to the virus and help local medical facilities in necessary.

Moreover, the ministry has asked medical facilities to early detect cases of Zika. As per the ministry’s instruction, hospitals need to pay attention to those returning from the virus-struck nations having Zika virus symptoms including fever, headache, and eye problem.

Hospitals must send their blood samples to Pasteur institutes and Epidemiology institutes across the country for testing.

In addition, hospitals must prepare isolated ward, drugs and medical equipments for receiving these people virus Zika.

Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said that currently 61 nations and territories announced to have Zika virus, especially Vietnam’s neighboring countries  such as Laos, Cambodia and China.

It is highly likely that the virus will enter Vietnam so all medical facilities should raise alert level to implement prevention measures, he added.

By Minh Khang –translated by Uyen Phuong

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