Funds for HIV/AIDS cut drastically

All international organizations are planning to cut funding for HIV prevention including  drugs, biological products and tests, causing difficulties for Vietnam because nearly 80 percent of current fund for HIV prevention efforts in the country comes from international donors. 

Accordingly, it is urgent to find out a financial source to continue supply for health products including condom and services against the disease.
Deputy Head of the Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention Pham Duc Manh said that the program against HIV/AIDS has been run for three decades, gaining remarkable achievements including reducing HIV infection case yearly, the number of people with the virus and mortality rate.
It is estimated that the program against HIV/AIDS transmission has helped preventing around 450,000 people from contracting HIV.

To have such remarkable achievements, the program including free provision of condom and needles was implemented properly to reduce group with high risk.
However, Mr. Manh also said that the anti-HIV program has been facing challenges and difficulties. Though the program tried to curb the increase in the number of high risk groups, the country has around 10,000 new infection cases and prostitutes and drug addicts who are in high risk of catching the disease.

According to Ministry of Health statistics, over 227,000 people live with HIV in Vietnam.

By MINH KHANG – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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