Girl with big tumor discharged after free treatment

A 10 year old girl with a big tumor was discharged from hospital after she had surgery to remove the tumor on the coccyx, said Deputy Head of the National Children Hospital in Hanoi Professor Tran Minh Dien yesterday. 

VTC News reported a story about the girl, Ly Thi Lua with her giant tumor on her body but her family is too poor to afford an operation on April 8th. Lua had the tumor since she was born. After ten years, the malignant tumor grows bigger causing her legs shrivel; consequently she cannot stand normally

After the news, Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien asked the hospital to conduct a free operation for the kid.

The hospital also took care of her health.

After the operation , Lua has to undertake rehabilitation so that she can walk normally
Professor Dien added that the health insurance fund covered all the girl’s treatment cost. The hospital provided free meals and accommodation for her and her relative during the time in the hospital.


By Minh Khang - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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