Goat milk Danlait imported from France-Health Ministry

The Vietnam Food Administration under the Ministry of Health February 21 confirmed Danlait, a product marketed as ‘goat milk’ by Manh Cam Company, is imported from France, not from China like some websites released.
Danlait products of Manh Cam Company are additional food rather than baby formula as advertised. In 2012, Manh Cam Company has imported four batches of three kinds of products with total 40,380 packages.

All products for children from zero to 12 month old; from six to 18 month old and from 12 month old to 36 month old imported from France were certified quality on January 17, 2012.

All product packages are labeled in French and its additional label in Vietnam as per Vietnam’s law. All batches of products were tested and there is no sign that the company imported the products from China like some websites reflected.

By Q. Khanh – translated by Anh Quan

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