Half of Vietnamese kids not eat enough sufficient nutrition

Half of Vietnamese kids do not eat enough sufficient and well-balance nutrition reported the National Nutrition Institute under the Ministry of Health at a scientific seminar “Nutrition problems and solutions to improve kids’ weight, height” held on May 12 in Hanoi.

Deputy Head of the National Nutrition Institute Dr. Le Bach Mai said that the latest studies of nutrition for kids in Southeast Asian nations showed that up to half of Vietnamese children are not fed sufficient and well-balanced nutrition and vitamins including vitamins A, B1, C, D and iron for their brain and height growth.

Of 2,880 kids partaking in the studies, up to 77 percent of urban children are not sufficiently supplied vitamin A while up to 90 percent of children in countryside district are not sufficiently supplied the vitamin; the rate of children in towns and in rural districts lack vitamin B is 44 percent and 69 percent respectively; and the rate of them lack vitamin C is 51 percent and 64 percent respectively.

Worse, up to 88 percent of urban kids and 94 percent of rural kids have not had enough iron for their demand.

Dr. Mai warned that the shortage of vitamin can lead to bad consequence for kids’ health and growth. Noticeably, lack of these nutrition and vitamin can effect children’s studying and not as active as their classmates.

Moreover, lack of vitamin reduces children’s resistance, consequently, kids are susceptible to seasonal diseases.

By Quoc Lap – translated by Anh Quan

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