Hand-foot-mouth disease now widespread in Vietnam

The Ministry of Health has claimed that so far 52,000 people from 61 cities and provinces across the country have contracted the hand-foot-mouth disease while 109 persons have succumbed to it, within this year.

The ministry made this claim in a report submitted to the Prime Minister on September 22.

The ministry also said that the disease was pandemic in 61 out of the 63 provinces of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City was the most severely affected amongst all the southern provinces with 26 deaths, followed by Dong Nai with 22 deaths and Binh Duong with 9 deaths.
Meanwhile, thousands of people have been affected in the north of the country in Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, Ninh Binh and Hoa Binh.

The ministry claimed that 2,000 fresh cases were reported every week in the country. They assess that the disease will develop into a more complicated strain by November, resulting in many more casualties.

The disease mostly affects young pre-school going children under five years of age who cannot take care of their own personal hygiene.

By Ng. Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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