Hanoi doctors operate on woman with broken jawbone

The Vietnam-Cuba Hospital in Hanoi on March 28 performed a successful operation on a woman patient who has lived with a broken jawbone for the last 30 years ago and since been unable to speak or eat properly.

The Plastic Surgery Division of Vietnam-Cuba Hospital in Hanoi operated on Nguyen Thi D, from Me Linh District in Hanoi, who was suffering from a broken jawbone for the last thirty years and was unable to open her mouth.

Her relatives said that when Nguyen Thi D. was 16, she had fallen   down while climbing a tree and had broken her jawbone, but at that time they did not take her to a hospital for treatment as she felt no pain.

However, when the woman was unable to open her mouth they finally did take her to the hospital, but the high cost of treatment deterred them. Time went by and the woman lived with this disability for 30 years, unable to chew food or speak properly.

Recently, her family decided to take her to the Vietnam-Cuba Hospital for treatment, as they had heard that the hospital had the expertise to cure the woman’s disability.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Thai, head of the Plastic Surgery Division, said doctors performed an operation to split the woman’s jaw and replace her jaw bone with an artificial splint.

Dr. Thai has advised the woman to undergo physiotherapy of the mouth and face muscles, so that she may fast recover her speech.

By Kh. Nguyen – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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