Hanoi has first case of meningitis

After the first death caused by meningitis reported in the northern province of Hai Duong, Hanoi also recorded another meningitis this week.

Dr. Nguyen Trung Cap from Emergency Unit of the National Tropical Disease in Hanoi said that 30 year old man in Bac Tu Liem Ward in Hanoi was taken to the hospital after falling into unconsciousness and  suffering much vomit and headache. Soon he was isolated in the hospital to prevent transmit the disease to other patients.

Before going to the hospital he was hospitalized in the general hospital in Dong Anh District yet his condition did not abate.  Right after verifying him to have meningitis, the National Tropical Disease Hospital announced to the Dong Anh District Hospital and the Preventive Medicine Center in Hanoi to keep an eye on relatives and those who had contacted the patient.

Nguyen Nhat Cam, director of the Preventive Medicine Center in Hanoi said that after detecting the case related health agencies informed those people contacting the patient and gave them drugs.

The Department of Preventive Medicine warned that though a few people having meningitis was reported annually, the disease is dangerous as it can lead to death or leave patients with  serious sequent. Worse, bacterial meningitis is contagious and spread through the exchange of respiratory and throat secretions.

Moreover, it can cause death during 24 hours after patients have symptoms. Most visible symptoms of the disease is that patients will have high fever along with vomiting, headache and chilly. Currently there are vaccines for children and even adults to prevent some kinds of bacterial meningitis.

By MINH KHANG – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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