HCMC continues sending doctors from big to small hospitals

The Ho Chi Minh City health sector will continue sending physicians of big hospitals to smaller facilities in order to improve treatment quality in smal hospitals and reduce pressure in big infirmaries.


A physician is examining his outpatient (Photo: SGGP)

A physician is examining his outpatient (Photo: SGGP)

For years, Can Gio General Hospital in Can Gio outlying District has faced shortage of medical staffs especially physicians and badly dowgraded material infrastructure.
While awaiting policies to attract medical personnel for the health sector, the Department of Health in Ho Chi Minh City has encouraged big infirmaries to support Can Gio medical institution by sending physicians.
Deputy Director of the municipal Department of Health Dr. Tang Chi Thuong said that eight general hospitals in clinics are willing to send their doctors to take turns working in Can Gio.
Specifically, physicians of Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital, Hung Vuong Maternity Hospital and Children Hospital No.2 have taken turns working in Can Gio Hospital while other hospitals such as ear, nose and throat hospital, eye hospital and skin hospital have planned to send medical workers to the facility in Can Gio.
A newly-built medical center has been built in district 7 to meet demand of medical examination and treatment of locals. In addition to Tu Du Maternity Hospital and Children Hospital, Thu Duc Hospital will send its staffs to help the new hospital.
The program of sending physicians of big hospitals to infirmaries in district 7 and Can Gio has partially met increasing demand of treatment of residents in the two districts.
Patients' satisfaction has become the motive power of public and non-public hospitals especially self-financing facilities, said Dr. Thuong.
The Department of Health repeated hospitals and medical clinics continuously improve its treatment quality and medical workers’ behaviors to patients orienting to patients’ satisfaction.
Along with sending medical staffs from big facilities to grass-root medical centers, the city will spend more on building and equipment for district medical clinics with the aim to help all residents to enjoy healthcare service at low price.

By THANH AN - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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