Health authority in Can Tho city urged to prevent bird flu transmission

Following the outbreak of bird flu H5N1 in the Mekong delta city of Can Tho, the Department of Preventive Medicine, a part of the Ministry of Health April 11 urged the director of the Department of Health in Can Tho city to implement measures against the disease.

The disease occurred in a flock of 900 chickens in a farm located in Phong Dien District of Can Tho city. 650 chicken are infected with the disease and 399 of them died of the disease. Local government had to destroy all.

Health authorities in the city were asked to increase people awaraness about bird flu disease symptoms and ways to prevent transmission of bird flu virus from chicken.

Health workers have been urged to liaise with vets and local authority to oversee the disease development and disinfect infected areas and related agencies have been asked to supervise and detect infected people.

Hospitals are ready to prepare equipment and medicine to receive patients and treat them as per the Ministry of Health's guideline.

By Quoc Lap - translated by Uyen Phuong

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