Health insurance card holders eligible for all medical facilities

Health insurance card holders can go to any medical facilities in their regions for examination and treatment since January 1, 2016,

As per new decree, medical health insurance card holders are eligible for any medical centers which are not their first choice of hospital provided that medical centers are located in cities or provinces where a patient live.

According to the new decree, if a patient register to  have medical check-up  in a medical center in a commune, they can register for examination and treatment in same medical centers or a hospital even a traditional medicine hospital in district  provided that these medical centers are located in a patient’s locality.

A medical insurance card holder lives in different district for business or study for less than 12 months, they are eligible for examination and treatment at a same level medical center with their first choice of registered hospital in the cities or provinces they move to.

By staff writer- translated by Anh Quan

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