Health Ministry enhance treatment of diseases in hot season

As the country has been under the grip of a heat wave the Ministry of Health yesterday sent an urgent dispatch to its departments and hospitals, asking to increase personnels to ensure for treating people in the hot weather.

The Ministry ordered its city and provincial departments of health to increase information to raise awareness of people and employers how to protect themselves from effects of heat including sunstroke, dehydration, stroke, food poisoning, high temperature and convulsion.

Hospitals must arrange enough chairs and fans in airy spaces and provide free drinking water for patients. Hospital managers have to enhance personnels and improve treatment procedures to decrease waiting time for patients.

The Ministry also urged hospitals and medical workers to improve their behaviors and try to avoid the case in which two patients lie on one bed. More fans should be installed in patients' rooms.

Medical workers are asked to be ready for providing treatment to those who are struck by heat. At the same time, hospitals must focus on prevention measures against diseases including dengue fever, hand-foot-mouth, encephalitis and other infectious diseases

By Nguyen Quoc-translated by Anh Quan

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