Health Ministry honors local-made drugs

Vietnamese Ministry of Health yesterday honored and gave prizes to 30 local pharmaceutical enterprises at a meeting to review the program “Vietnamese-made medicines”.

In response to the campaign “ Vietnamese people use Vietnamese commodities launched by the Party’s Political Bureau, the Ministry of  Health has implemented  the project “ Vietnamese people use domestically-made drugs” as one of ways to help the country’s pharmaceutical sector develop sustainably.

The  Ministry wished to increase the local-made medications ‘s prestige to people as well as enhance doctors’ role in describing. 62 Vietnamese-made drugs of 30 enterprises have been included in the program.

After two year implementation of the program, it has seen good achievements. As per the Pharmaceutical Department’s statistics, more and more people use home-made drugs.

Moreover, more hospitals saved much money from using  local drugs; for instance, hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City alone saved VND1,412 billion (US$ 65,403,840) and over 57,35 percent of Vietnamese-made drugs won the bidding into hospitals.

By Quoc Khanh - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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