Health Ministry removes substandard antibiotic, vaccine from circulation

The Vietnam Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health yesterday decided to take back batches of substandard antibiotics and vaccine from pharmacies across the country.

Because tests conducted by the National Institute of Drug Quality Control show that Cadicefpo 200 (Cefpodoxime 200mg) tablets having batch No. 080915 and manufacturing date October 9, 2016 made by the US Pharma Company do not meet the national quality standard, the administration required pharmacies to remove the medication.

The administration also ordered the company along with its distributors to send an announcement about the decision to retail and wholesale stores across the country. The company must report to the Ministry of removal of the drug before April 4, 2016. Cefpodoxime tablet is used for treating breathing diseases.

On the same day, the administration also  banned the circulation of vaccine Lyssavac N for treating rabies manufactured by India’s Cadila Heathcare and imported by HCMC Medical Import Export Joint – Stock Company YTECO and Nam Hung Viet Vaccine and Biological Product Company as trust importer.

Therefore, the administration ordered both importers and trust importers to send an announcement on the removal of the vaccine to all medical facilities. The two companies must report to the Ministry of the quantity of vaccine Lyssavac N.

By Nguyen Quoc – translated by Uyen Phuong

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