Health Ministry to open more hospitals for senior citizens

Director of Hospital for  Elderly People Professor Pham Thang said that more hospitals for elderly people will be opened in the future as the number of senior people is escalating drastically.

Vietnamese population is ageing and more senior people suffered disease, the Ministry of Health is increasing preventive measures  against diseases and primary healthcare focusing on prevention chronic disease rather infectious diseases.

Especially, the Ministry will continue improving the healthcare network for senior people by purchasing more medical equipment, training more personnel and building satellite medical institutes for the National hospital for Elderly People as well as provide more medical services for them.

More hospitals will be constructed in cities and provinces ; especially after 2020, two hospitals for elderly people will be built in Ho Chi Minh City and the Central city of Da Nang.

As per the Ministry,  Vietnam is one of the nation having most elderly people in the world. There are over 21 million people aged 60. moreover, people aged over 80 also increased dramatically accounting for 4.16 percent of the country's whole population.

Furthermore, elderly people nowadays usually have non-communicative chronic diseases  such as cancer, heart problems, and depression leading to the surge of treatment cost. It is estimated that the medical cost for an elderly people is 7-10 times higher than young people.

By Khanh Nguyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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