Health Ministry warns parents not wait for Pentaxim

The Ministry of Health warned parents to take their neonates to medical clinics across the country to get Quivaxem vaccine in the National Expanded Program for Immunization rather than waiting for Pentaxim vaccine if they failed to register Pentaxim vaccine.

Free of charge Quinvaxem vaccine is available in 12,000 medical clinics in the country to meet people’s demand.

Just within 3 minutes in December 29, parents registered 3,200 dozes of five-in-one Pentaxim vaccine through the website, said Dr. Nguyen Nhat Cam, director of the Preventive Medicine Center in Hanoi.

100 first babies whose parents were successful in registering through the website were injected with vaccine Pentaxim at the National institute for control of vaccine and biologicials at No.1 Nghiem Xuan Yem Street in Hanoi

Vaccine Quinvaxem is used in 94 nations in the globe with over 450 dozes being used. In Vietnam, since implementation of the vaccine, around 25 million shots of Quinvaxem vaccine had been administered.

By staff writers – translated by Uyen Phuong

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