Health Officials to Donate Corneas after Death

Over 150 health officials from the Central Eye Hospital yesterday registered to donate their corneas after death for transplant programs and scientific study.

A cornea transplant surgery

This is the first time the hospital saw such a large number of cornea donors from the hospital staff. There are currently 28 people registered in the cornea donation program.

According to the hospital’s Vice Director Hoang Minh Chau, the technique used to perform cornea transplant surgery was developed in the 1950s but due to the lack of corneas, many patients had to wait for years to have the surgery.

Mr. Chau also said that due to some religious reasons, many of the donors’ families still feel hesitant about the donation.

However, he added, with the introduction of advanced techniques in eye surgery, the cornea can be removed without destroying the original state of the donors’ eyes.

There are currently 600 patients in need of cornea transplants, 70 to 80 percent of whom have suffered from cornea scaring caused by inflammation.

The hospital’s eye bank was found in 2005. It has helped 63 patients to restore their eyesight since 2006. 

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Source VN Express, SGGP – Translated by Khanh Hong

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