Healthcare project launched for coastal, island areas

On April 24 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Health launched a healthcare project to develop related facilities on coastal and island areas from now until 2020, at a cost of US$392 million.

The project aims to ensure residents in coastal and island areas to access to healthcare services, hi-tech treatment and emergency facilities (Photo: B. Long)

All people residing in these areas will now have access to healthcare services, high-tech treatment, and emergency and first-aid facilities.

The project will be implemented across 151 districts and towns in 28 coastal cities and provinces where the current health facilities are still lacking. Healthcare services, especially high-tech and specialized services have not yet reached people and soldiers in these areas.

Under the project, medical workers will be trained; most hospitals on the islands will have first-aid and emergency facilities; healthcare network will be consolidated; four more emergency centers will be built; six hospitals and one boat clinic will receive patients and transfer them to the mainland when necessary; and health insurance cards will be issued to all residents on the islands.

According to a medical survey, 60 percent people living on the islands suffer from metabolism problems, 35 percent from heart diseases, and several other ailments like joint pains, digestive problems, respiratory infections.

By Khanh Nguyen, Ha Minh - Translated by Bao Long

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