Heart-broken man saved in district infirmary

A hospital in Ho Chi Minh City’s Thu Duc District yesterday saved a man with broken heart due to traffic accident.

Heart-broken man saved in district infirmary

The infirmary sounded the red alarm amongst hospital to save a 26 year old man in Binh Thanh district who had broken heart because of traffic accident.

Before, the man was rush in the hospital for emergency treatment when he had multi- injuries, shock, and his blood pressure could not be measured.

Doctors were quick to prove intensive treatment and scan in bed. Scan results showed that his heart membrane had much blood; additionally, through examination, doctors thought his heart was broke. Soon the hospital sounded the red alarm and performed a surgery after it has prepared blood supply.

After opening his heart, surgeons soon stopped bleeding in the heart and stuck up the wound in the heart. The 60 minute operation was successful; the man’s blood pressure was stable. Scan showed no wound in heart. 

The man was transfused four units of blood during the operation.

The man is now off the danger list yet he was treated intensively in the hospital

By THANH SON - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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