Hospital, medical authorities asked to explain recent deaths of pregnant women

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan has asked for an urgent explanation from hospital and medical authorities into the sudden deaths of pregnant women while still in labor, in the last two months.

A young couple looks happy after the wife gives birth to twins safe and sound.

Deputy PM Nhan has also instructed the Ministry of Health to find answers from medical centers that have reported deaths of pregnant women and verify individual and team responsibility in every case, and subsequently penalize concerned individuals.

The Ministry of Health should also provide a detailed and careful explanation to relatives of the dead pregnant women as well as explain to the public, so as to clear general worries and concerns.

Accordingly the ministry has asked for a rearrangement of the mother and children health care system with special attention on the skills of nurses and doctors involved in emergency treatment of maternity care so as to discover risks to mothers and babies at an early stage, and pre-empt and prevent unwanted accidents.

On June 17 the ministry sent a dispatch to its sub-divisions and medical centers ordering them to implement drastic measures to clamp down on illicit brokers operating around hospital premises and conning gullible patients to seek treatment from quack and unskilled doctors, often with disastrous results. 

As per the dispatch, doctors and hospital staff will not be allowed to collaborate with brokers or else hospital leaders will issue strict fines on violators. Hospitals should also ask the police to step up security around their premises.

Moreover, hospitals are permitted to increase seating arrangement in waiting areas and provide more fans and other comforts for patients as they wait their turn to see doctors. Hospitals should also simplify administrative procedures and recruit more staff to guide and help patients.

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By K. Nguyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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