Hospitals weighed down with gastrointestinal patients

The number of patients having problems with livers or galls has soared recently due to the heavy consumption of alcohol.

Strong liquors are showcased at a HCMC-based supermarket. Heavy consumption of alcohol has sent the amoutn of patients having problems with livers or galls soaring (Photo:Minh Tri)

Gastrointestinal Department in Vietnam hospitals has been overloaded with male patients having trouble with their livers or galls due to overuse of alcohol, according to Dr. Pham Thi Thu Ho, Vice chairperson of The Vietnam Association of Gastroenterology. Among them, a large number of patients were diagnosed to have cirrhotic.

It is much more alarming that more than 30 percent of people drinking alcohol have steatosis, which will evolve into hepatitis and even death. Most patients of steatosis still feel healthy until their diseases turn out to be more and more severe.

Statistics from Vietnam Beverage Association show 5 percent of citizens and 3% of mountain people are alcoholics. Most of alcoholics are men aged 20-30. The rate of female alcoholics is also rising up.

By Kh. Nguyen – Translated by Huu Duy

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