Infant with Mouth Sealed By Nursery Attendant Dies

Do Ngoc Bao Tran, the eighteen-month-old infant who had her mouth sealed with a duct tape by a private nursery school attendant, died yesterday in the Children’s Hospital No.1 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tran and her parents during her stay in the Children's Hospital No.1 in Ho Chi Minh City

The child was admitted to hospital one month ago after she was found not breathing in the Thien Tho Nursery School. At that time, she was in the care of Le Thi Le Vy, a school attendant who had sealed Tran’s mouth to stop her from crying.

Tran had been in a coma during her one month stay at the hospital and the doctors had done their best to keep the child alive by giving her cardiotonic pills and putting her on artificial respiration.

On Thursday, Tran’s heart suddenly stopped beating but with the doctors’ timely management, her heart regained its strength and started beating again.

The next day, the infant could not escape death. Tran’s corpse was brought to the Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital’s morgue yesterday and the mother of the infant expressed her wish to not subject Tran’s body to an autopsy. Tran’s parents planned to bring her body back to their hometown in Quang Nam Province.

Vy, the school attendant who sealed the child’s mouth and thus responsible for this death, was arrested and will stand trial for her cruel act.

After the incident, most parents with children attending the Thien Tho nursery school have since transferred their children to other nursery schools and Tran’s class has been closed since December 10. 

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Source SGGP, Nguoi Lao Dong, Tuoi Tre – Compiled by Khanh Hong

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