Kid dies of flu virus A/H1N1 in Phu Yen

A kid in the central province of Phu Yen succumbed to flu virus A/H1N1, Deputy Director of the Preventive Medicine Center Dien Ngoc Tan yesterday confirmed.
Before, the kid’s fever drove his relatives to self-medicate by buying drugs from a nearby pharmacy on November 29. The kid didn’t abate in the next day; therefore, he was rushed to the province’s Maternity Hospital where doctor diagnosed him to have pneumonia.
His condition became worse on December 4; accordingly, he was transferred to the General Hospital in Binh Dinh Province. Doctors took his blood sample to send to Nha Trang Pasteur for testing.
Test result has shown that he was positive for flu virus A/H1N1. The kid was dying on December 9 and died on the way home.
The Preventive Medicine Center in Phu Yen provided chemicals and instructed his relative to clean the house and premises. Competent agencies jumped to isolate the neighborhood to prevent the virus spread.

By NGOC OAI - Translated by ANH QUAN

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