Laser Technology with Cosmetic Surgery in Viet Nam

Currently laser technology in medical care is gradually being developed in many hospitals and big medical centers in Viet Nam. It offers treatments of a broad range of dermatological skin conditions with unrivalled efficacy.

Removing birthmark with Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser.

Laser devices are streamed into many models due to their features and wavelengths, including Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser (1,064nm wavelength) for birthmarks and tattoos removal; pulse dye laser technology (595nm wavelength) for removing red birthmarks; 1,320nm laser for treatment of acne scar; 1,064nm laser for hair removal and the treatment of deep lying blood vessels.

New generation computer-aided laser technologies are designed with gas cooling for skin protection, allowing directing high-power laser beam on skin to boast the treatment’s efficacy without leaving any visible scars.

Laser treatment is used in many areas, including tattoo, hair, birthmark and acne scar removal, as well as wrinkle reduction. However, there is a question why laser treatment for tattoo removal still leaves scars in some cases.

It is because CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser treatment is used. The target tissue of CO2 laser is water, so it also removes the part of skin which contains water, leaving scars, while removing tattoos. Therefore it is highly recommended that Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser (1,064nm wavelength) should be used for tattoo removal, which removes black color of the tattoo only.

Although applying the same laser technology, different laser devices have different quality. New generation laser devices, especially those made in the US, are very expensive, but they are effective and have a low incidence of side-effects.

According to a tally in the US, 70 per cent of accidents causing by laser treatments are eye injury, and 11 per cent skin damage. Thus eye and skin safety are the most important concern in laser treatment.

Apparently, laser is very useful if we use it correctly. Otherwise, it could turn out to be a very dangerous tool which can cause serious side effects on patients.

To ensure treatment’s efficacy and a minimize incidents of side-effects in taking a laser treatment, patients should come to medical centers or hospitals equipped with modern technology and experienced medical staffs.

By Dr. Tran Thi Anh Tu – Translated by Hoang Uy

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