Many brain-dead people donate organs

Professor Doctor Tran Binh Giang, Head of Viet Duc University Hospital, shared yesterday that in the last 30 days, four cases of brain death in his hospital gave organ donation.

Many brain-dead people donate organs

Thanks to the organs of these brain-dead people, 16 patients are now saved, including 8 cases of kidney transplant, 4 cases of liver transplant, and 4 cases of heart transplant.

In general, in the first six months, there have been 5 brain-dead people donating their organs. That medical bodies widely promote the goodness of organ donation via official media has greatly increased people’s awareness of this action.

However, in reality, the largest barrier comes from the low awareness of the general public of organ donation.

In Viet Duc University Hospital only, there are around 4 – 6 brain-dead people per day due to traffic accidents. Yet, in the last 10 years, only 40 cases had donated their organs.

If one brain-dead person donates the organs, two kidneys, two livers, two lungs, one heart, two corneas, tendon, muscle, and cardiac valves could all be used.

Until now, Viet Duc University Hospital has performed 590 cases of kidney transplant, 53 cases of liver transplant, and 19 cases of heart transplant.

By NGUYEN QUOC – Translated by Vien Hong

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